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Country Music For The World

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Music Diplomacy with America's Diversity

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Blended 328 is a progressive country music group from Nashville, Tennessee. The group has already earned significant praise from their successful U.S. State Department Arts Envoy programs in Kazakhstan, Russia, Thailand, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Brazil and more. Blended 328 has a proven track record in helping posts address their strategic goals despite limited resources, time constraints, anti-american government sentiments, security concerns, and other challenges. The band represents American diversity, talent, understanding, and love; and seeks to spread that love abroad through concerts, collaboration, and all forms of communication.

* EASY: The Blended 328 team is experienced, well traveled, well versed, knowledgeable and super easy to work with.   

* FUN: A group that is very low maintenance and really fun to hang out with

* EFFECTIVE: Blended 328 will make sure post's strategic cultural goals are accomplished  


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